HW Kaufman Group Europe BV

One of my activities is my work for The Chesterfield group from London England. The Group is a leading independent Lloyd’s insurance and reinsurance broker.  I met James Stevenson and he hired me to assist establishing a Dutch branche. The name of this Dutch company is HW Kaufman Group Europe BV (HWKEU).

In the past two years it took a lot of work, forms, certificates, diploma’s, strategy-talks and plain work to set foot on Dutch ground. Today I am a proud Director of the company, and with HWKEU, part of writing history for Chesterfield in London and the US owner, the HW Kaufman Group.

HWKEU is located in Amsterdam and functions as the EU subsidiary of the Group. Today we can announce, that the website is live, and we are ready as ever. Please feel free to take a look at www.HWKaufman.eu. With establishing this company, my colleagues Hanna Streng and Rupesh Appannah and myself, are able and happy to continue to service our clients and markets and make new contacts in the EU.

We thank everybody at Chesterfield in England and Kaufman in the US, who have helped us to make it all come true. Without the help of all our colleagues it would not have been possible.